The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord




Many say that since I have a prominant Adams apple, I will not grow. I am 17 years old and just 5'4 in height. I also went to the gym, so people say that since I've went to gym at a young age, I won't grow. Are these things true?

Please can you tell me some ways that I can grow in height?

Immanuel (age 17)

Growth is determined by what stage of development you are in. Stage 1 is childhood and stage 5 is adulthood. Boys' Adam's apple usually form in stage 4, so they are probably right that you are grown, or nearly grown. To be more certain, you can use the Tanner Stage Calculator for Boys to figure out what stage of development you are in. Once you reach stage 5, you are done with growing.

Your bones grow from the ends at places known as growth plates. A common myth was that lifting weights could damage the growth plates and cause you not to grow as well. The growth plates can be damaged by accidents, such hard falls, or by extreme overuse. But these can happen in any sport or exercise. The main rule of thumb is that a child should never be asked to do something that hurts, nor should the work through the pain. However, trips to the gym just mean you were in good shape when you were young.