The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I am a 17 year old boy who has been having the same problems as the last post on your page (Tony).  I have been able to stop scratching my testicles, but the spots that you had referred to as the oil glands are still there and have been for a long time.  They seem to be the same thing that he has described, yellow spots that sort of remind me of acne.  I sometimes pop them because they will continuously grow or not go away.  It seems as though they are pretty deep in the skin and have a sac of skin that is holding the oil in.  Is there anything I can do to get rid of them?  Thank you for all your help, it is greatly appreciated.


What you seem to be describing is call Sebaceous Cysts; these are oil glands that become clogged. When they are on the penis, they are call Fordyce Spots. As long as the cysts remain small, don't turn red or become painful, they are harmless. Redness or pain is usually a sign that an infection has set in. But since yours are growing, you might want to consider seeing your doctor.

Popping the cysts will temporarily free the trapped oil, but Sebaceous Cysts will keep reforming. The problem with popping them is that you are tearing the surface of your skin and that can allow an infection to set in, which is much worse that the cysts. If a cyst is getting large, a doctor can surgically remove the entire oil gland, which will keep that particular cyst from reforming. It won't, however, prevent other glands from becoming cysts. Doctors prefer to leave small cysts alone if they are causing no problems.

Sebaceous Cysts tend to be more of a problem during the teenage years, just as acne is a problem. In fact the two conditions are related, both involving oil glands, but in different parts of the body. As you get older the tendency for the cysts to form will decrease.