The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Ok, I have a question about masturbation. I masturbate frequently. My penis seems crooked. Is this what could be making it crooked? What can I do to fix this? I don't want a crooked dick!

Austine (age 14)

It is very rare for any male's penis to be perfectly straight when erect. There usually a slight bend, most often upwards, but it can bend slightly in any direction. The cause are the chambers in the penis that fill with blood to produce an erection. There are three: Two on top, side by side and one on the bottom in the center. The slightest variation in pressure between the three chambers will cause a bend. Since almost no one is perfectly symmetrical across their entire body, variations are expected and slight bends are normal. Masturbation would not be the cause, the bend would probably be there even if you didn't masturbate.

What is of concern is when the bend becomes severe -- to the point that the end of your penis is pointing sideways or even back at yourself when you are erect. Such severe bends indicates an area of damage in the chambers. If a severe bend remains for three or more months without clearing up, you would need to see a doctor about the problem.

You can read more about masturbation and the concerns about indulging in lustful thoughts in the chapters on "Your Body" and "What is Lust?"