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Today in the bathroom, for the first time in my life, white semen came out through my penis and ever since semen have been coming out a lot of times in the day -- like a cycle, but tiny amounts of semen at a time, maybe a drop of semen. And my question is: Since this semen is coming out am I at risk of getting infected by HIV or other diseases just because it's coming out?


Congratulations. You've reached a major milestone in life. And with it comes responsibility because you are now physically capable of fathering a child, though you are nowhere near ready to marry and support an wife and child.

What has happened is that you body has matured enough to produce semen and your brain has found the proper "switches" to get rid of the batch of semen that you have already produced. The only problem is that since it is the first time, your brain is having some problems with the switches. It got it turned on, but it is having trouble turning it off. Everything is hyper-sensitive at the moment and with the least amount of semen being produced, your body thinks it has to get rid of it right away.

Fortunately, this will pass real soon. It will take a bit, but your body will eventually settle into a rhythm of producing semen and getting rid of the excess. What that rhythm will be for you, I can't predict; it varies wildly between individuals. Some men go months or even a year between ejaculations where others have ejaculations multiple times a week. It all depends on the speed your particular body produces semen.

What you should do is read up a bit on wet dreams or nocturnal emissions because they will be bothersome for the next few years.

In regards to sexually transmitted diseases, the concern is the transmission of the disease. Many diseases can be given to another person through body fluids. For example, when a person has a cold and sneezes, little droplets of moisture enters the air. But in those droplets are the virus causing the cold. If someone breathes in those droplets or touches a surface with the droplets on them and then rubs their eyes or nose, then the virus enters the second person's body.

If you had a disease, then it is highly likely that your semen would contain some of the disease causing agents (bacteria or virus). Therefore, if your semen with the disease got into a girl, she could pick up the disease that you have.

If a girl has a disease, her vagina produces lubricating fluids and those fluids can contain the disease causing agents. If you were foolish enough to put your penis into a girl with a disease, those fluids would coat your penis. Since the skin on your penis is very thin and the blood vessels are right below the surface, it is very easy for the disease agents to enter into your body and then you would have the disease.

Just because you are producing fluids, it doesn't mean you can get a disease. It means that it is possible for you to give a disease to someone else.

Sexually transmitted diseases are dangerous for two reasons. Some of them are very easily spread. It doesn't take much of an exposure to get them. But what worries many people is the a large number of them don't have any symptoms for a long time. A person can have the disease and spread it to a large number of people and never know it until months or even years later. That is why people are worried about HIV. The symptoms don't show up for ten to twenty years. Meanwhile the person is spreading it to many people. The other concern is that once you have HIV, there is no cure. Most sexually transmitted diseases are curable, but there is a significant portion that are not.

Thus, you have a responsibility: keep your penis in your pants until you're married. Then you won't have to worry about sexually transmitted disease or getting a girl pregnant.

Since my first semen came out this morning, my penis is producing semen non-stop. Well, maybe it stops, but each time I go to pee in the bathroom the top of my penis has semen on it. My penis have been throwing out droplets of semen all day today since this morning. I am not saying that the amount increases . No I am saying my penis doesn't ever stops of producing semen. Most of the semen I find in the bathroom is dried up and just a little bit. Is this normal?

I noticed that my semen this afternoon is denser than the semen I produced this morning. This morning the semen was more like a liquid. Now it is more like a white Jelly substance. Is it normal that my semen changed in just a few hours?

In a day, maybe two, things will calm down. What is happening is that the muscles that contract the seminal vesicles, where semen is produced and stored, are contracting for the first time, but they are having a hard time relaxing again. Eventually they will tire out and relax. After a good night's rest it should be normal or near normal.

The dried stuff is basically a slow leak from the end of your penis that then dries between going to the restroom. Once your brain finally gets its act together, you will only see this after wet dreams.

In regards to the consistency, what you are seeing is your prostate's liquids being added to the semen. It adds two main ingredients to the semen, a substance that wakes up the sperm so that they will swim and an substance that is very much like gelatin. It thickens the semen so that when you have an ejaculation it will shot out as a glob. Since your brain is still figuring out the switches, the mixing isn't right yet. Once it does, your semen will be of the thicker consistency.