The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Hi! I've read about how the body masturbates itself during your sleep to get rid of excess semen. I've accidentally ejaculated before. When does this subconcious masturbating start and how often does it happen?

Rosario (age 13)

What you are asking about is called nocturnal emissions or wet dreams. In order for it to happen, you have to have produced more semen than your body can comfortably hold. It varies widely between individuals because the rate a person makes semen changes constantly. In addition, some boys purposely masturbate which results in ejaculations. Depending on how often they masturbate, they may never gain an excess of semen to trigger a wet dream. Far rarer, but not unusual are those boys whose body either produces semen slowly or is able to allow drops of semen to exit each time they have an erection, which is then flushed away the next time they urinate. These boys also never gain enough excess to trigger a wet dream.

Now that your body is mature enough to produce semen, a wet dream can happen at any time. Typically, if you don't have an ejaculation in a month's time period, you are likely to end up having a wet dream. But as I mentioned before it can vary greatly from a few times a week to a year or more between wet dreams. All are considered normal, but for most boys the period is a month or less.