The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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What happens when you shave off peach fuzz?


You look a whole lot better and people conclude you that you care about your appearance.

There is a myth floating around that shaving off peach fuzz, the light, fine hairs that you first get as a teenager, will somehow make your beard grow thicker. It is a false cause and effect conclusion. People have a tendency to assume that if something happens, then what they did shortly before must have caused it.

In this case, new hairs are always very fine and lack color because the follicle producing the hair is new. In addition the many follicles in the skin on your face don't all start at the same time. It takes years for all of them to develop to produce the hair that is considered normal for your nationality. When you shave off the peach fuzz, you are cutting of the fine ends that lack color, as the hair continues to grow, the thicker colored hair appears, as it would have anyway, but it is more noticeable because you got rid of the distracting fine stuff above it. Also, by shaving off the early hairs, you are giving the late comers a chance to come in at the same distance, thus giving the appearance of thicker coverage.