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What is the side effect of getting ejaculate on the body, especially in the eye?

Tabrez (age 16)


Getting your own ejaculate or semen on your body causes no harm beyond the need to clean it up. Getting anything into the eye will cause irritation. The tears in the eye will eventually flush the cause of irritation out of the eye.

However, if you are referring to getting someone else's semen on you, there is a danger of disease being passed from one person to the other. Many diseases are easily passed by fluids, such as saliva, mucus from your nose, blood, or even semen. Because the blood vessels are close to the surface under the eyelids, a disease present in a fluid can be quickly introduced into your body. That is why there are warnings during cold and flu seasons not to rub your eyes with your hand. You can transfer a virus that was on a surface to your hand and then from your hand to your eye, which will then enter your body.