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Is sperm supposed to fall out of the vagina after sex?


There is a myth that if a woman immediately stands up after sex or if a man and woman have sex while standing, that the semen the man ejaculates will flow out of the woman and she will not become pregnant. This myth is flawed fro a variety of reasons.

If you poured yourself a glass of grape juice and then drank it, did you drink all of it? For those inclined to say "yes," please explain why there is a small bit of juice at the bottom of the glass and that the sides of the glass are stained purple. Pouring something out of a container doesn't remove all that existed. For the same reason when a man ejaculates semen into a woman's vagina, even when some of it comes back out, all of it does not. The average man ejaculates about one to two teaspoons of semen. That fluid contains about a half-billion sperm cells. All it takes is one sperm to reach the egg to cause fertilization and pregnancy. Can you guarantee that all 500,000,000 sperm cells placed in a woman will flow out? I can give you better odds that quite a number will remain.

Then there is the fact that men ejaculate with a fair amount of force. Semen can easily squirt six to twelve inches beyond the end of the penis. During sex, a woman's uterus tilts, aligning the entrance of the uterus toward the end of the penis, and simultaneously forming a small depression below the cervix (the entrance to the uterus). Some semen may enter the uterus directly from the ejaculation, but a fair quantity will flow into the depression. After sex, the uterus returns to its original position, but this places the cervix directly into the depression. This mechanism allows more sperm to enter the uterus, increasing the chance of pregnancy.

Some couples think they can cleverly avoid these problems by having the woman douche (using a liquid to flush out the vagina). What they fail to realize is that as the liquid enters, it pushes some of the semen further inwards. Instead of preventing a pregnancy, they can actually speed the journey of the sperm into the uterus.

As mentioned before, one of the purposes of sex is the creation of children. Men and women's bodies contain numerous features to see that the purpose takes place. When people engage in sex outside the bounds of marriage and then try to hinder the natural result, they often fail to hide the consequence of their sin.