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Please help me. I'm really worried. I masturbated (without anyone) and five hours later, I use the bathroom and urinated. I suppose the urine that came out could contain some leftover sperm. Am I right? If a female somehow gets contact with the urine that might contain, does this mean she could get pregnant?

I don't know whether I should panic or not because when I urinated some drops of the urine landed on the toilet seat. And I think my girlfriend used the toilet shortly thereafter. She would had contact with the urine that contains sperm on her bottom of her legs or somewhere. So am I in big trouble?

I'm not sure what to do. I didn't worry because I heard that urine will kill off all the sperm. But I'm really scared of getting someone pregnant since people said that even getting contact with sperms on vagina area could cause pregnancy. And also, we didn't have sex yet and we didn't even touched each other. I just started dating her recently. I'm 20 and am still a virgin. I'm planning to wait until I marry to not to commit a sin. By the way, is masturbating a sin?

(age 20)


Let's start with your question about masturbation. Rather than repeat what I have written in the past, please take a moment to read an answer that I wrote to the question, "Is masturbation unacceptable?" The point of the article is that many people assume that masturbation is sinful because that is what they always heard. The Bible actually says neither yes nor no. What is wrong are the things most men do to get themselves to climax -- looking at pornography or thinking about sinful situations. Realizing that those things are wrong, people have a tendency to go overboard and make rules where none exist. If we say the actual act of masturbation was wrong, then we would have to condemn the wet dreams which many men experience and have no control over their occurrence. Lustful thoughts are sinful, but releasing semen, in itself, is not necessarily sinful.

Now, regarding your concerns. After ejaculating semen, it is common for some to remain near the end of the opening for the penis. This dried residue does make using the toilet later a bit more difficult as it momentarily deflects the stream of urine, causing it to spray. However, it dissolves in short order and is washed away by the urine. It is just something a man has to be aware of and take extra precautions so as to not make a mess. (And if one does occur, to be prepared to clean up after himself instead of making others do it for him.)

Could there be sperm present in urine after ejaculating? Yes, but the sperm would be dead because of the acid in the urine. Could a woman become pregnant from accidentally sitting on semen on a toilet seat? No. In order to cause pregnancy, live sperm must shortly enter the vagina of a woman. Semen on the toilet seat would be too hostile of an environment for sperm in the semen to survive. In addition, the back of the legs is too far in distance from the vagina for sperm to swim -- not to mention that there is no continuous liquid in which the sperm to swim to reach the vagina.

It is far more likely that germs can be passed by sitting on a shared toilet seat. That is way proper etiquette requires that the person making a mess clean up after himself. Otherwise the next user will find a mess and is forced to do some cleaning all while needing to use the toilet.