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Greetings! I am from India. I am 27 years old and unmarried. I have a problem. I have been masturbating for the last seven years on an average of four times a week. Now I feel my penis has became smaller; the girth and length are reduced and even if I have an erection, I can't last long. My erect penis size is only 10 cms [3 inches]. I am very frustated and worrying a lot on this bad masturbating habit. My penis has also been bent to the left side with the habit of right hand masturbation. I am getting married in the coming year.

I used to masterbate by watching porn movies for at least one hour and then ejaculate. Please advise me and suggest some medicine to get cured and retain my strength.

Sir, I have lot of concerns on masturbation . Why do doctors say that masturbation never reduces size of penis, weak erection and it is a healthy habit? In my case I lost penis hardness which I had before starting masturbating at the age of 21. My penis looks like a child's penis. I don't know whether I can satisfy my wife or not. Why do doctors say that it is a safe habit? I understand that medical society say this is a healthy habit only to reduce AIDS in men, but how are these problems in men like what I am facing now get cured if we adopt masturbation? The medical society is creating wrong concepts in men. I am not getting rock hard erections like what I used to get when I am 21 before I started masturbating. It would be great if you can answer my concerns and suggest me the possible ways how I can get back my erectile stamina. I am hoping to receive your answer soon as I cannot concentrate on my career and sleep properly thinking about this always.


There is much available on the web site concerning your questions, so rather than repeating them, I will direct you to the articles of interest:

Regarding masturbation, see Questions on Masturbation
Regarding pornography, see:A Look at Pornography and Questions on Pornography.

It is common for people to assume that because one thing follows another that the early event must be the cause of the later event. For instance, you might notice that the roster crows just before the sun comes up. Do you then assume that rosters make the sun rise by crowing? It is a silly example, but I want you to see that just because the strength of your erections have diminished, it doesn't necessarily imply that that your masturbation was the cause of it. In fact, we could argue that it cannot be true. If it was true then all or most men would see the same effect that you are seeing. Since they are not, then we must look to see if there is another cause.

What you are seeing can be caused by three things:

  1. New experiences are more exciting that old ones. Thus sexual arousal and ejaculation was more powerful when it was new. This is the "trick" pornographers use to hook men into purchasing their wares. They given free "samples" which are stimulating, but eventually wears out as old. Seeking the old level of excitement, men are willing to give over money. It is the same "trick" used by abused drugs. At a certain level, the highs wear off, so the drug user will pay more and more money to get a higher dose.
  2. You are getting older and your hormones have settled into their level. During adolescence you had spikes periodically which caused stronger reactions. Now that you are older, your response is more steady.
  3. (Not likely) You may not be eating well and your arteries are beginning to get clogged. The strength of an erection is based on blood flow. Clogged arteries will impact your ability to gain and maintain an erection. If you suspect this is a problem, your doctor can run tests to see if your arteries are beginning to get clogged.

Sexual satisfaction of your wife has nothing to do with your penis size. Foreplay and how you use your penis will make more of a difference to her enjoyment of sex.