The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Can someone grow taller in height without foot growth first?


Your feet provide a foundation to hold up the rest of your body. Thus it is natural that the body extends the feet in preparation to extending the height of the body.

All during your childhood your entire body grows at a fairly steady rate. During stage 3 of development a teenager experiences a period of rapid growth where height is gained at two to four times faster than previously experienced. Generally, the first sign of this rapid growth is the enlargement of the feet and hands. But there are exceptions to every rule. It is possible for some boys to experience a growth of the hands and feet at the same time they are growing taller.

Okay, well thanks for your answer. I was also wondering if height and foot size has anything to do with height? Like, is there a way to calculate what your height is by your foot size?

People have attempted this for years, but the consistent answer has been that there is no correlation between foot size and height.