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If I started doing ab exercises regularly, would I be able to get a six pack with relative ease?


There are two requirements to have visible abdominal muscles:

  1. You have to have muscles there. That means you have to be in or beyond stage 4 of development because only until you reach that point can you build muscle mass. It also means you have to exercises to cause the muscles to develop. The human body is economical. It won't build muscles that it doesn't need, so if you don't use your abs much, you won't see muscles there. Don't just do one type of abdominal exercise, each exercise focuses on a particular set of muscles and the stomach has a number of muscles and you need to exercise each area.
  2. You have to be lean enough to see them. You can have great abdominal muscles, but never see them because the fat under your skin is filling in the ridges. Men quickly put on fat first in the stomach area. You need to get your body composition to be less than 10% body fat to see your abdominal muscles clearly.