The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Hello. I wonder what Tanner stage I'm in. I'm 12 and I don't see any length changes on my penis but it's just my opinion and I get erections. People say my voice has deepened. Pubic hair is taking over my pubic area and some hairs are getting long and curly. I had one wet dream.

I also have another question. I think I stop producing semen because now when I masturbate I don't even get a drop of white semen.


I hope you realize that I can only guess from description of yourself but it sounds like you are in stage 3. One of the key distinctions of stage 3 is a rapid growth in height. You haven't mentioned this, but the other signs indicate that you should be experiencing it or, if not, noticing it shortly. This is why I wrote the Tanner Stage Calculator for Boys. It asks all the detailed questions a person knowledgeable about the Tanner Stages would look for in making an assessment. Assuming you answer accurately, you will get an fairly close estimate on your current development.

Noticing the growth of your penis would be a bit difficult since the total growth over several years of development is only a few inches. People tend not to notice slight or gradual changes.

I don't know how long it has been since your last ejaculation, but at your age and stage of development your production of semen is going to be very unsteady for a while. It will probably take about a year before you are producing semen at a steady rate.