The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I can see my whole glans when I pull back my foreskin except the skin does not go underneath the corona, it wraps around under it, it's like a roll of foreskin. But my corona isn't very big and isn't distinct yet. Is it that it hasn't fully developed yet as it said it should in stage 4. Will the width increase along with the corona becoming more distinct fix this over time as well?


The foreskin is supposed to roll up just below the glans when foreskin is pulled back. (See picture of foreskin forming ridges.) That roll forms extra ridges which give extra sexual pleasure both to you and to your future wife when you are having intercourse. For you because the ridges are formed by the inside skin of the foreskin, which is sensitive to touch. For her because the ridges gently rub her vaginal lining giving her sexual stimulation.

The glans develops during stage 4. The corona becomes pronounce while you are in this stage. It is not necessarily present at the beginning of the stage. It is the same as the growth spurt. That happens while you are in stage 3. It doesn't happen at the start, but it will happen before the end.

The flare of the corona will tend to keep the foreskin back during sex, but not fully or completely. The foreskin will slide back and forth over the glans, which is how it is supposed to work. Nothing you describe is "broken," but is just how it should be.

I think my corona is still developing because when I'm erect and I pull my back my foreskin it does not stay under the glans and flips back over to cover the glans. If I try to keep the glans behind my penis when I'm erect it goes flaccid or soft again. I have only recently been able to pull back my foreskin whilst erect (maybe a year before it was really tight) but now it just flips over the head when I pull it back because I don't have a well developed corona.

Of course it is still developing. You just started stage 4. It won't be finished for a while. And don't worry about your foreskin. It is supposed to move back and forth, covering and exposing the glans. That shows that the tightness in your foreskin is gone. A slightly tight foreskin will go back, but squeeze the penis just behind the glans. It won't return to cover the glans after an erection unless it is pushed back in place. A very tight foreskin won't expose the glans as the glans can't fit through the opening.

It sounds like you're obsessing with something that isn't broken. Relax! Everything is fine.

I remember we were discussing my foreskin issue. I just want you to fully understand about it. When flaccid and I pull it back the outer foreskin rolls around behind the end of the glans, but it does not go under the bottom of the glans (as in it does not go under the corona it rolls around below the corona). When erect it's still slightly tight and when I roll it back, it rolls back forward. Is this because my corona hasn't fully developed, as well because my glans is still a little small and flat in that respect? Is this a sign Im still developing in my glans and foreskin?

I have a bit of trouble understanding exactly what is bothering you. The foreskin doesn't have to stay back when you are erect, it is meant to go forward (covering the glans) and back (exposing the glans) during sex. The development of the glans doesn't change this. Some men have tight foreskins so that the foreskin doesn't move back and forth freely, but this doesn't mean that it is the usual circumstance for a foreskin.