The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I am wondering, is it normal to get wet dreams in stage 2? I started getting them six months ago and I usaully get one once a month. Is it normal?


Wet dreams come about the same time you gain the ability to ejaculate semen. Depending on what you read, you will find people saying that the average boy gets them at the age of 13 and a half or on average about the time they hit their growth spurt in stage 3. It is a little bit of a misnomer. About half the boys gain the ability to ejaculate in stage 2 and the other half in stage 4. The average of the two groups comes to the middle of stage 3. A similar thing happens to girls with their periods. About half start in stage 2 and the other half starts in stage 4. I haven't found a good explanation for the split, but I know it happens.

You happen to be in the earlier group. The frequency that you have them is also fairly typical. There will be a period of time, around your growth spurt, when it may become more frequent, but by the time you reach stage 5 it will stabilize again. I have to be a bit vague because the frequency of wet dreams is affect by how often a boy masturbates. Wet dreams come when the seminal vesicles get full and masturbation can keep them from getting full as often. There are other variables involved as well, such as your natural rate of producing semen and how often you get aroused which keeps things like wet dreams from being predictable.