The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Is it normal not to be growing full facial hair and arm pit hair at 17? Facial hair is not even proper facial hair really yet. None growing on my neck. Is full facial hair going to be far away? Also my Adam's apple is not noticeable and small. Is this normal and have anything to do with puberty? According your calculator I'm at 3.9.


It isn't age that is the key factor, but the stage that you are at, though being at stage 4 at the age of 17 is within the normal range. Arm pit hair starts to show up in stage 3, but will get thicker through stage 4. Facial hair barely starts in stage 3, but becomes noticeable in stage 4 and it will actually be a year or two past stage five before you can grow a full beard. How pronounced is your Adam's apple depends more on your heritage and your weight. The skinnier you are, the more noticeable your Adam's apple. The Adam's apple is actually your voice box and it is noticeable in men because of their deeper voice comes from a larger voice box.