The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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My penis gets erect a lot, and I have read that when erect you can not pee, but one time when erect a fluid came out. It did not look white at all. It looked more like pee because it was not thick or white or anything that looked like an ejaculation. What is happening?

Sometimes I have a weird feeling I don't really like, but it feels like there are impulses in my penis. So what is happening there?


The thin clear fluid that drips out of your penis when you are erect is pre-ejaculate fluid. In slang it is usually called "pre-cum." See: What is that clear liquid that sometimes drips when I get an erection?

When you have a really strong erection, your heart tries to force more blood into your penis, but there isn't room for any more. The result is a pulsating feeling that is in time with your heart beat. If you've had your blood pressure taken, you realize you can feel the beats of your heart as the pressure is slowly released by the cuff. A similar thing is happening with your penis.