The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Today I had my first wet dream after masturbating 10 days ago. Before I had masturbated, I started having wet dreams farther apart from each other. Is this normal and will it probably happen again?


The frequency of wet dreams is dependent on how frequently your seminal vesicles fill up. How quickly they fill is based on your hormone levels and how often you are aroused. During your teenage years your hormone levels are jumping all over the place, so the times between wet dreams will vary greatly. Just as a rough gauge, the typical teenage male, on average, tends to ejaculate about two times a week. For some it is more, for others it is less.

At your stage in life it would not be unusual to go several weeks without ejaculating and then in some periods ejaculating every day. Eventually it will get more predictable, but that usually comes in later adolescence.