The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Today, I had to wake up early and I got a lot of erections and my desires were really distracting, so I quickly masturbated. I would just like to know if I'm ruining my chances of developing a normal cycle of wet dreams, because I never get them anymore. I certainly sometimes feel that I need one, but they just never happen! Also, I feel almost no relief from masturbation, unlike wet dreams. Why is this?


I suspect it depends on the person. Wet dreams are triggered with the seminal vesicles are full, but that fullness becomes a strong distraction during the day, so many guys masturbate to get rid of it soon. Since they don't wait for a wet dream, they don't happen. Similarly married men don't often have wet dreams because they have a sexual outlet.

Thus if you rather have wet dreams, then you have to put up with frequent erections and strong sexual urges. If you find those intolerable, then masturbation gives you better control, provided you can control your thoughts.

What is happening is that you haven't yet hit your peak semen production. Wet dreams appear to be more satisfying because you weren't producing semen as rapidly when you were having wet dreams. You switched to masturbation, but your rate of production is also up, so it appears not to give you as much relief because the seminal vesicles are refilling sooner. I've had received similar complaints when a guy tries switching from masturbation to wet dreams that the wet dreams are not as satisfying. The reality is neither fully satisfies because each ejaculation doesn't fully empty the seminal vesicles nor do they slow down the rate of production.