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Hi there. I just have read about the "Fordyce Spots."

"They cause no harm, but you are causing harm trying to break them. You are injuring your skin and giving bacteria a chance to enter your body to cause real harm. Just leave them alone. They are normal and can be seen on most men's genitals."

I've got this problem for over five years and everything was normal until last week. They have started growing, not all of them, maybe 4 or 5 of them. I've smushed two of them and they got bigger. The question is: Is there any medical for these things, and what may they cause? Thanks a lot.


Is the area around the ones getting bigger red? How big are we talking about? The thing is that Fordyce spots show up, but they don't really change. That some are getting bigger indicates clogged glands, which is another way of saying acne. The most likely cause is an infection, which is almost always accompanied by redness around the area.