The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I have 3 or 4 boils on my scrotum. The boils are so hard, sometimes my scrotum itches a lot. After scratching a thin layer of white water makes my scrotum wet. The boils never excretes and they don't hurt. I don't have pain on the boils if I touch them.


What color are these boils? How big are they? Do they have a head on them? How long have you had them?

They are skin colored. One of the boil is as big as a pencil eraser. The boils do not have heads and they never excrete or hurt, but the surface of my scrotum itches a lot. If I scratch my scrotum with my nail, it excretes white water.

scrotal cystsMost likely you have scrotal cysts. A cyst is a fluid filled sack and is usually caused by a block pore. There are different types depending on which type of pore has been clogged. They are generally considered to be harmless and left untreated unless they are bothering the person.

The treatment is very minor surgery to remove the cyst. I would suggest seeing your doctor, since they are bothering you. Constant rupturing if them can lead to infections.