The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I got a 2.3, Does that mean I'm in puberty? I have a lot of vellus around my genitals and under my arms. Does that help?


Any value above 2 means you've passed puberty (the start of your changes). You are in adolescence now.  When you get to 3 you will be in the phase when you grow quickly. When you get 4 you'll be slowing down. And when you get to 5 you will have stopped growing taller, though there will still be a few changes left.

About when will I get pubic hair?

You do have pubic hair, but it is in the vellus form. Each hair will gradually get thicker and darker -- becoming terminal hair. Eventually they will get so thick as to start to curl. If you have blond hair, you might not notice your pubic hair as quickly as someone with black hair, except by looking closely.