The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Thank you for your web site. It helped me realize that masturbation and wet dreams are not wrong. 

But I have a problem. I want to have wet dreams, and I take off my underwear before sleeping, but the problem is that my penis gets erect, and I cannot sleep because I want to masturbate. In the end I masturbate in bed and semen goes everywhere. Do you have any advice in how to have wet dreams?

I tried to abstain from masturbation, but with my underwear on I never had a wet dream, and with my underwear off I never have a wet dream because I must masturbate.

Thank you for taking your time in answering my urge.


The suggestion that I gave one person was because he was unable to have a wet dream even after abstaining from masturbating for over a month. By that time to ejaculate was driving him crazy, so I suggest a way to force the issue.

What I've suspected for a while is that some people aren't able to have wet dreams. That is, they can't sleep through the process of masturbating in their sleep. They either can't sleep while sexually aroused, or they wake up as the process starts.

Kinsey's study, which is suspected for manipulated data, claimed that 83% of men have wet dreams during their lifetime. Even if that number is accurate, it doesn't tell us much because have one wet dream in a lifetime would be a "yes" in this survey. Kinsey also noted that wet dreams were more common among young men and less common as men got older. I found another study which was dealing with another issue, but among the data mention that 17% of the young men during the study reported having wet dreams.

There is a lot of speculation but not much in the way of solid facts. But what I want you to notice that wet dreams are not common for every male. Some men only masturbate, a few only have wet dreams, and a greater number both masturbate and have wet dreams. You might be among those whom wet dreams are just not common.

By the way, if you think a wet dream will be less messy, you are completely wrong.

Since being naked is too much for you to resist masturbating, try wearing a very loose pair of boxers or pajama bottoms without underwear as your sleep attire. There is no guarantee that you will have wet dreams, but this should give you a compromise between the two levels of dress.

If you find yourself going bonkers or find yourself strongly tempted to sin because you haven't ejaculated, then you will be better off masturbating to control your sexual desires.