The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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When I sing high notes (I'm not a singer) my voice cracks like crazy, but my voice hasn't broken? It cracks when I have my headphones on and I'm in my room singing, and in the shower, it cracks a lot.


That is your voice breaking. It happens when you get nervous because the pitch of your voice goes up or when you try to sing high notes, but your brain doesn't know how to tighten the longer vocal cords correctly to get exactly the pitch you want.

You say my voice is breaking? But when I talk I'm my normal pitch there isn't any cracking?

Typically boys notice their voice doing odd things (breaking, cracking, squeaking, etc.) when they are excited or nervous. Those states are expressed by a high pitched voice and the person is focused on things other than their voice. This is can be embarrassing. You are talking to a girl, nervous about what you are going to say and how she is going to respond and suddenly your voice goes weird. This is what people refer to as the voice breaking.

It can happen normal situations as well, but not always. Your voice is settling into a new pitch fairly smoothly and it is just the unusual situations that make the cracking come out.

So what you are saying is that the cracking will become more frequent, but my voice is slowly cracking or breaking?

What I'm saying is that the voice breaking is not constant. It is a distinct phase, but the actual breakage happens at apparently random intervals during the time the vocal cords are lengthening. Even after my voice completely changed I recall a time or two as an adult when my voiced cracked. It happens more often when the voice first changes but it isn't a daily problem.

My friends' voices broke and then like two days after that their muscle developed? So does this means I've missed my voice break? But it sounds almost the same as in childhood, but my brother has one of the deepest voices I've ever heard. I'm so confused.

I was wondering why you were so interest in squeaking. Most guy's dread this phase.

Muscles don't develop in two days, but it is likely that you took notice that they had become muscular when their voices deepened. You have to remember that the stages last about two years. You are in stage four, but you are not done yet. It is likely that your voice will deepen further. Your voice may not be as deep as your bothers. Everyone is different and it depends on how long the vocal cords end up as far as the pitch of your voice. It isn't even related to size. Nor does the pitch of your voice reflect how much muscle you might gain. That is more a matter of your exercise workouts.