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Uh, a few days back, like yesterday, my head seemed a lot smaller than normal and whenever I'm sexually aroused and I get hard, the head is like one step behind. It's a bit smaller than it normally is. I'm kind of freaking out. Sometimes the whole penis just shrinks way smaller than normal. What's wrong with me?


It is perfectly normal for the penis to change sizes when you are not aroused. As far as its size when you are erect, a lot of it depends on the strength of your blood pressure at the time. That usually stays more constant, but can vary from one day to the next.

I suspect that you are panicking over nothing. I can't say absolutely your are mistaken because I haven't seen you before or after. There is no way for me to verify what you think you are seeing.  I do notice that in one sentence you say your glans is a lot smaller, then you say it is a bit smaller, and you also say that it is inflating slower than yesterday. The mixed observations make it hard to say what might be going on.

So here is what I would like you to do: measure yourself for the next two weeks. Use a piece of string that doesn't stretch and then use it to get a size of your erect penis and measure the size against a ruler. Measure both length and girth. See if after two weeks you see a pattern or not.

Uh, not to bother you so early but it's also kind of turning to the right, not curving but turning like it's facing right. The tip is also different in shape. I was sitting down all day, though, and that could because it was in between my legs all day.

This information makes a difference. Are you talking about the shaft twisting, so that the top of the glans is to the right, or are you saying there is a bend in the shaft so that the tip of your penis points to the right?

Your penis is always in between your legs and sitting all day would not make a difference in how your penis inflates in an erection.

What it sounds like is Peyronie's Disease. This is where scar tissue develops in the chambers of the penis so that when it becomes erect, the blood doesn't flow evenly and the penis bends or twists. Because this came on suddenly, there is also a possibility that it might be caused by a blood clot. Therefore, to be safe, it would be a good idea to see your doctor. He might refer you to an urologist for further examination.

If it is Peyronie's Disease, it often goes away on its own after three to six months, so don't be surprised if the doctor decides that it is best to wait first before doing anything drastic.

It's like a light twist shaft twisting. It's lightly twisted to the side.

A small twist is nothing to worry about.