The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I'm 17.5 years old and have a reasonable amount of pubic hair. I have no armpit hair, no facial hair. I'm thin. I haven't gotten a growth spurt. My growth is slow, as of now I'm 5'4". Will I grow more?


Just not enough information for me to even hazard a guess. For example, I have no idea what your idea of a reasonable amount of pubic hair is. Have you tried Tanner Stage Calculator for Boys? My problem is that I can't confirm what you observe. Have you talked to you doctor about your growth and development? He at least can see you.

Thanks, but I'm in stage 3.5 and 17.5 years old. I just want to know how much I will grow in height. I will see my doctor soon, though.

Stage 3 is the stage of rapid growth. "Rapid" is a relative term. It generally means you are growing at least twice as fast as in childhood. To be in stage 3 at seventeen means you are a late bloomer. Most boys reach stage 3 at the age of 13.

As far as how tall you will get, I have some calculators, but they are based on data from the average person and you are on the outside edge of the normal range, so it might not apply to you.

The question to ask your doctor is whether your growth plates are still open or not. Once the growth plates close you stop growing. This will require one or more x-rays to see the ends of your bones. If they are open, the second question to ask is if there might be a reason why you are growing slowly. To answer this question, he will probably do some blood work to see if there is something noticeably off or not.