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My left testicle is  double the size  of my right testicle and there is a pain also. Many years ago I consulted with a doctor. He told me there is a little fluid, but it is not harmful. Is this a problem for me, or should I consult a doctor again?


You should see doctor because your problem has gotten worse. In particular you need to see a doctor who specializes in urology. Your testicle isn't actually swollen, it is the blood vessel next to the testicle that is swelling. The pain you feel is the walls of the vein getting stretched too far. The problem is called a varicocele. Until you can see a doctor, wearing a jock strap will help relieve the pain a bit. But since your symptoms have progressed, I suspect that the doctor will tell you that you will need surgery to repair the problem caused by the bad valves in your vein. The surgery is considered relatively minor. Typically you go home the same day.

The problem that can develop from a large vericocele is that it keeps the testicle next to it too warm. This prevents sperm from developing and reduces your sperm count.

Thank you very much, sir, for your valuable suggestion and quick response.