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Some liquid keeps coming out from my penis when it is erect. After that i will smell something like urine on my pants. That's only happening when I am kissing or cuddling with my girlfriend on the bed. We just kiss and hug, but we didn't have sex and my penis is always erect when we do these. I am wondering: is it urine or some other type of liquid? Is it a sign that I have any health problems? My penis gets pressed by my girlfriend's body when she is on top kissing me, will this action squeeze the liquid from my penis out? 


What you are seeing is pre-ejaculate fluid, called pre-cum in slang. Regardless of your intentions, your body thinks it is likely that you will be having sex, so it is getting prepared for an ejaculation. Your erection is the first preparation. The pre-ejaculate fluid is the second step. It's purpose is to flush out any leftover urine that might still be in your penis, as the acid in urine kills sperm. It is also coating the tube in your penis. The pre-ejaculate fluid is very slippery and that makes sure that when you do ejaculate, most of the semen comes out. Finally, the excess coats the glans of your penis to help a small bit with lubrication for intercourse.

It is this leftover urine that you are probably smelling. However, the next time you get pre-ejaculate fluid and your girlfriend is not around, I would like you to look and make sure that it appears to be clear and colorless. It also should not have a strong smell. If it does, there is a small chance that you might have an urinary tract infection and you should see a doctor, just in case. The doctor can check for this with a urine sample.

There is also a possibility that with your girlfriend on top that she is putting pressure on your bladder and a small about of urine is escaping and getting pushed out by the pre-ejaculate fluid.

Before I finish, I want to point out that what you two are doing is both improper and ultimately dangerous. You should not be on a bed with a girl because your bedroom is a private place and you'll be tempted as time goes on to take further liberties with your girlfriend. A part of this is because the fun of sexual stimulation is the novelty and eventually the things you are currently doing will be old. The nature of sin is to always push further and because you are dealing with sexual things, eventually you'll get to the point where instinct will take over.

Paul said, "It is good for a man not to touch a woman" (I Corinthians 7:1), and by that he is talking about sexually touching a woman. I know it feels good -- it is designed to feel good. But the problem is that it is precursor to sex and you are not married. It causes you to think about sex and accept the fact that you want sex now even though you are not married and that is the sin of lust. And the real difficulty is that it is hard to stop when your instincts demand a completion. You are best off not starting what is not right for you to complete.

Thank for the information. I will observe it and find out if it has color or smell in the following week. If it has either color or smell, must I consult a doctor? What's meant by color? Is it normally transparent or white?

It should be basically transparent and odorless. Coloring or odor usually indicates an infection, typically a yeast infection. Such infections need an oral medication to remove it from the body.

Is it a serious disease? I am worry and scared. I will consult doctor soon and which specialist should I go to or should I use a normal clinic? Really thank you so much for replying me. I appreciate it so much.

Because it is easily treatable, it is not considered a serious infection. For things dealing with your genitals, you would typically see an urologist. However, a normal clinic should be able to handle this type of problem as well. What generally tends to be more of a problem is making sure you don't get infected again, but we can discuss this after you confirm what you have.

OK. I really thank you so much for the help, uncle Jeffrey. I will go to doctor soon and we will discuss it more later. I appreciate every email I received from you.

You're welcome. I take it that you've confirmed that your pre-ejaculate is colored or has an odor?

I checked my pre-ejaculate. The color is normal and no smell, but my pant still got a bit urine smell. Is it possible that my urine drips to my pant after peeing? Because I don't wear underwear at home.

Most boys have a small amount of dripping after peeing, so, yes, this is a strong possibility for the source of the smell. Also, since you are not wearing underwear, you will get more sweat penetrating your outer clothing. Old sweat also has a strong ammonia smell that we associate with urine. When you do not wear underwear, it means you need to have your outer clothing washed more often.