The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I'm a guy, I recently turned 15, and I have a lot of body hair. It is all over by my penis and up my butt crack. I don't know what to do. Should I shave it or what?


You are better off accepting the fact that, as a male, you have body hair. The hairs down there do serve a function: they keep your clothing and parts of your body from irritating your skin when they rub against each other.

Some people are born with dark hair and wish they had light color hair. Yes, they can spend lots of time and money and make their hair look lighter, but it becomes a never ending effort. Others just accept the fact that they are who they are and move on with life. It is the later people who are more happy.

You can shave, but the hair will grow right back. As it does so, it will get itchy for a while. In addition, shaving nicks the skin, no matter how careful you are. Those nicks make the likelihood of getting a fungus or bacterial infection higher, especially in the warm, moist areas of your groin.