The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I'm 17 and I have been jacking off since I was 14. I used to jack off daily or sometimes more than once. I'm very much addicted to masturbation. But now I have started having many problems. Like I'm getting bald. I'm really worried about my hair. I read on the Internet that it is because of over masturbation which produces DHT. I'm just getting really very worried about my hair. Can this DHT get depleted and removed on its own? If not then what do I need to remove it and get my lost hair back? Please, please help me.


Just because something appears on the Internet, it doesn't mean it is true. Anyone can write just about anything and post it on the Internet.

What we have here is a "chicken or egg" problem. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Which is the cause and which is the effect, the masturbation or the hair lose? Or are they related to something else entirely.

All men masturbate as some point in their lives and many boys get hooked on masturbation. Yet all boys who masturbate don't lose their hair in their teens. Therefore, masturbation doesn't cause hair lose. Boys who masturbate a lot do so for one of two reasons: the pleasure that comes from orgasm or the need to relieve the distraction caused by their seminal vesicles getting full. The seminal vesicles are the two glands where you produce semen and as they get full, they increase your desire for sex and to ejaculate. The rate at which they fill varies between guys, but the amount of male hormones you are producing definitely impacts the rate that semen is manufactured. High levels of testosterone will result is faster semen production and the need to ejaculate more often.

Hair loss in men has been shown to be related to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a hormone derived from testosterone. "Contrary to popular belief, testosterone does not directly cause hair loss. Androgenic alopecia [the medical term for hair loss] is caused by two things: a predisposition to hair loss and the presence of dihydrotestosterone" ["Testosterone Levels and Hair Loss",]. It takes both factors coming together. DHT is not sole cause. And oddly, high testosterone levels does not necessarily translate into high DHT levels.

There are two medical treatments for hair loss. One is a topical treatment that promotes blood flow to the scalp. This counters the DHT effect on hair follicles. The other reduces the amount of DHT in the blood through an oral medication. But before looking into either of these two treatments, you need to make an appointment with your doctor. There are other things that can cause hair loss and since hair loss doesn't often happen to a teenager, you need a doctor to pinpoint the cause first. See "Hair Loss Reasons in Teenagers". Once it is addressed, the it is likely that your hair will grow back.

Thank you so much.

Can you please tell me how to remove this DHT from my body naturally?

I'm having a lot of dryness, getting a lot dandruff, and all my body hair is getting thinner and falling off my body. It takes a very long time for them to grow. I'm vey worried.

I have been eating boiled and fried soy beans and eggs for two months but with no effect. Please help.

When a guy says he is loosing body hair, then I'm even more certain that you need to see a doctor. You and I don't know that DHT is the problem and DHT doesn't typically affect body hair, only scalp hair. You don't treat problems without knowing the cause.

Dandruff is easily taken care of with dandruff shampoo. It is caused by a mild fungus that the dandruff shampoos suppress. Where on your body is this dryness?