The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I understand that not everything is gay. Things are only gay if you look at it in a gay way, right? As a kid friends and I were at a party. We got bored and we played a game where I would try steal their belts or something like that. I can't remember the details. We didn't pull anyone's pants down or do any funny business. I would like to know if that was a sin and if I should repent for it or was it just normal kids having fun and I shouldn't obsess over it.


It is homosexuality if you have sex with another guy. It is lust for homosexuality if you want to do it very badly and are justifying it in your mind that it would be all right is some circumstances. It is a temptation if the thought crosses your mind. Homosexuality and the lust for homosexuality are both sins. Temptations are not sins; they are the times Satan is trying to get you to sin.

What you did was just silly goofing around that boys typically do.