The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I'm 16 years old. I've been in Stage 5 for about a year now. I have a deep voice. I've grown an inch taller since last year. I still have acne and a few hairs of my face. Am I still growing or am I done growing? Why am I so hungry and horny all the time? Is it normal to be hungry and horny all the time in Stage 5 of puberty? Please let me know.


Since you grew in the last year, by definition you cannot be in stage 5. Stage 5 is defined as the point when you stop growing in height. Given the rate of one inch in a year, you would be in stage 4.

Acne eases when you get to stage 5 but it won't ever completely go away. You'll continue to have a pimple pop up once in a while.

Being easily aroused is a part of being male. It remains strong throughout your adulthood and only begins to fade as you start to reach old age.