The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I am in school. I get erections when I talk to my girlfriend, who is studing with me. Because of this I am trying to avoid her by not properly responding to her messages. My clothes get a wet spot whenever I talk to her. What can I do? I am very disappointed.

Please help.


Because you are male, you are just going to have to accept that erections are a part of life. While you are around someone you are romantically interested in, your body is going to respond. Therefore, you simply plan it happening.

Wearing pants made of heavier material, such as jeans, doesn't show erections as much since there is less give. However, they can be more uncomfortable while having erections for the same reason. One trick is to unobtrusively put your hand in a pocket and either push or pull your erect penis to the side so that it doesn't push out your pants so much. Fortunately erections fade because the body can't hold them.

The wet spot is because your Cowper's glands are going and producing pre-ejaculate fluid. It is another indication that your body is sexually aroused. Wearing darker clothing or pants made of heavier material shows this spotting less.

In both erections and spotting, wearing a baggy shirt can cover over the problem.

Responding to messages from her should not be a problem, since she can't see you then. Just make sure your conversations are not sexual in any way and your body will stop responding so dramatically.