The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I'm 15 and I am at stage 3 of the test. Whenever I masturbate a clearish fluid comes out at the end. It just dribbles, and it's only a few drops. A lot of my friends voice's have deepened or starting to deepen, but mine is still higher pitched. My nipples are still soft and have no distinct ring around them. I even here some guys talking about having sex and stuff whenever I can't ejaculate sperm! Is there something wrong with me?


The clear fluid is pre-ejaculate fluid. Its purpose is to lubricate the tube in your penis in preparation for ejaculation.

About half of all boys start producing semen in stage 2. The other half start producing in stage 4. I guess you are in the later half group.

A deeper voice comes during stage 4. Some of your friends started developing sooner than you, so they are a bit ahead of you. You'll be catching up with them in a year or two. Each stage lasts about two years.