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My age is 21. I was masturbating for six years daily. I am now in a position that even a small child has a better body appearance than than me. Even though I fully want to recover, I can't. In these recent days, even though I stopped masturbating, in the night when I am in a deep sleep I unknowingly am ejaculating (masturbating). I cannot control it. I need advice on how to stop this. Also can you give me a food list that I can use to recover from the side effects of masturbation? I want to use calcium supplement tablets. Is that correct or not?

Reply to me, please. I need your help.


I hope you will actually listen to what I am saying because you have a lot of false ideas in your head.

First, a healthy male is supposed to ejaculate semen. It means your body is working as it should.

Male AnatomyLet's discuss the physical aspect of the issue. Your body has two seminal vesicles, which are located just below and behind the bladder. These vesicles constantly produce semen and eventually they get full. That is what you feel when you try to go without ejaculating. As they get full, your body gets more sensitive to sexual touch. Your mind also tends to move to sexual ideas and you start feeling like you are going crazy.

The design of the male body is to get rid of older semen to make room for fresh material. To get rid of the excess, you actually have to ejaculate.

One way that excess is taken care of is an instinctive response by the body when your seminal vesicles get full. During the dream stage of sleep (also known as the REM or Rapid Eye Movement stage), your body automatically gets an erection. You have four to six erections every night, but you only notice the last one when you wake up in the morning. Since your penis and glans are hypersensitive because the seminal vesicles are full, your body responds by rubbing your penis. Eventually you reach orgasm and ejaculate. Some men sleep so soundly that don't realize it happened until they wake up in the morning. Others semi-wake while it is going on, but fall right back to sleep when it is over. Others come fully awake just before reaching the point of ejaculating.

Almost 100% of men discover at some point how to masturbate and trigger an ejaculation. The feeling of pleasure that comes with orgasm and the relief of ejaculating is so intense that it is common for young men to pursue it. But again, the design of the body is that it is easiest to ejaculate when the seminal vesicles are full, but harder when they get close to empty.

You stopped masturbating, so your body shifted to using wet dreams to handle the need to ejaculate. In other words, everything is working just as it should.

Since you are ejaculating, clearly you don't have the body of a child. You have to remember that I can't see you, so I have no idea what you mean. I can say with absolute confidence that whatever it is, your ejaculations have nothing to do with whatever it is. There are no side-effects to masturbation other than relief from the need to ejaculate. If you've been looking at pornography that is a different matter as it does morally corrupt your thinking.

Calcium is needed for strong bones, but eating dairy products, such as milk and cheese, should supply you with sufficient calcium for your body.