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How do I tell if I have frenulum breve or need a circumcision? How can I ask the doctor at a physical checkup to look at my penis?


The frenulum is on the bottom side of the penis where the glans makes a V shape. It is where the foreskin connects with the penis. A frenulum breve means the frenulum is short, thus when you have an erection, it forces the glans of the penis to curve downwards.

A full circumcision is basically cosmetic and is rarely required. Almost always a problem like a frenulum breve can be corrected with minor surgery on the part that is too short. In the case shown to the right, clipping the frenulum and stiching up the wound would allow more play in the foreskin.

The same goes for the other foreskin problems, such as phimosis (a too tight end on the foreskin). If you can fully retract your foreskin when you are erect so that the entire glans is exposed, then you don't have any problems.