The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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As I have grown my horniness has kept with it. It reached a point where I wanted sex, so I started masturbating to calm myself before I got into bed with a girl. When I do masturbate, sometimes a yellow fluid comes out after the pre-ejaculate. It is very runny and not as thick as the pre-ejaculate. Also, sometimes a lot comes out at once, enough to think I'm urinating. But it smells bitter and not like urine. It also is sticky when it dries. Any answers?



I can think of several possibilities, but I need to ask some more questions:

  • Are you also ejaculating semen yet?
  • If you do ejaculate semen, is this yellow fluid coming out between the pre-ejaculate and the semen or after the semen?
  • Have you had sex with someone?
  • What stage of development have you reached?

When I masturbate after the pre-ejaculate, it is either the yellow fluid, or it is a white fluid that looks like semen but doesn't feel like it, yet is less runny than the yellow fluid. I have never had sex with someone as I began masturbating so I didn't make a stupid mistake like that. And finally, the development level I've reached so far is 3.1.

My apology for having to ask those questions, but since I don't know you, I don't want to make any wrong assumptions.

What you are seeing is semen. Semen is composed of the sugary fluids from the seminal vesicles, sperm from your testicles, and several fluids from your prostate gland. The problem at the moment is that your body is still trying to get the quantities right. The yellow fluid is from the prostate gland and it's purpose is act like a gelatin and thicken your semen so that it can come out as a package. After a few minutes, the gelatin melts allowing the sperm to freely swim off. But your body at the moment is either producing too much of this fluid, which doesn't thicken if it doesn't combine with the sugars of the fluid from the seminal vesicles, or you produce too little. Either way, your semen ends up runny. Too much and it is yellow and runny. Too little and it is white and runny. Eventually your body will get the formulation right.