The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Are all guys suppose to pre-cum? I personally don't. When guys get boners they leak pre-cum so it lubricates the shaft, but none comes out for me. Maybe because I jack off too frequently so that it doesn't leak? Would that be valid? Also my health teacher said all guys get wet dreams. Some get them and don't even notice because it's so little. Is that true as well? Thank you!


Pre-ejaculate fluid (pre-cum) is produce by the Cowper's glands inside you. When these glands start producing fluid varies from person to person. Thus, the reason you don't drip yet is because your Cowper's glands haven't developed enough to start producing the fluid. In addition the amount of fluid each guy produces also varies. Some guys produce a lot and other produce very little.

How often you masturbate has no impact on the Cowper's glands' development or the amount of fluid they produce.

All men do not have wet dreams. Wet dreams are triggered by your seminal vesicles being full, so guys who masturbate regularly don't usually have wet dreams. A wet dream is basically masturbating in your sleep -- sort of like sleep walking. But some guys wake up from moving, so they never really have a dream, all they know is that they wake up badly needing to ejaculate. Other guys semi-wake up. They are kind of aware what is going on, but right after they ejaculate they fall right back to sleep. And still others sleep so heavily they sleep through the whole thing. If it wasn't for the stiff area on their pajamas, they wouldn't know they had a wet dream.