The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Lately I am wondering often about masturbation and my sexual desires. I am close to 17 and these past couple of months, I have not been masturbating as often as I had in the past. Now I just masturbate because I know my vesicles are full, but I don't feel the sex drive. If I masturbate, it only lasts like 2 minutes, and I still feel that I need to masturbate, but I restrict myself. Is something wrong with me?

I have one more question about pornography. Is pornography watching boys masturbate or ejaculate?


Your hormones settle down as you approach stage 5 in your development. Plus, the novelty of being able to ejaculate is no longer there. If you still feel the need to ejaculate after masturbating, then try holding off the point of ejaculation as long as possible. This gives the body more time to shift semen from the seminal vesicles to the ejaculatory duct.

Moods can effect your sex drive. Going through a period of depression can also reduce you desire for sex. Also, some medications have as a side-effect a reduction in libido (your desire for sex).

Pornography is "Material that deals with sex in a rude or offensive manner. Material designed to shock the viewer in how sex is depicted. Material that is sexually explicit and intended to arouse sexual passion." Watching other boys ejaculate is arouse sexual interest in other males and, thus, chasing after feelings that could lead to homosexuality. In an attempt to avoid one problem (pornography involving the opposite sex), people go to another extreme that is equally wrong