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Hello again,

I think I messaged you a few weeks ago about the Tanner Calculator. Last time I got a 1.8 or 1.9 and I was confused because I already had pubic hair. I got my first hairs about 4 months ago and recently spectacular things happened to my body. I have started to get pimples near my hairline, but I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until Stage 4! Also I gained the ability to ejaculate semen last week. My Tanner Stage is now 2.5. My questions are:

1) Why is stage one divided into points on the calculator? If there are no changes present before stage two, then how if there a way of telling where you are in stage one??

2) Why am I getting acne in stage two?

I hope you get back to be soon and thanks in advance


Puberty is technically defined as the time when your hormones rise in your blood. For boys, this happens about a year before external signs of change are noticed. The divisions prior to stage 2 are mostly based on age. The calculator, though, tends to lean toward wanting to have multiple indications that you are in a certain stage. Therefore, a 1.8 or 1.9 says you are of the age that you should be seeing signs soon or the signs you are seeing are not definitive enough to say you are in stage 2. I did make some adjustments on the lower end of the calculator's scale.

Acne can come at any time. Likely you had a spike in hormone production recently that caused your oil glands to over produce. The result is a few pimples, which should be managable by washing more carefully. When you get to stage 4 you will find the outbreaks then will make your current acne seem like nothing.