The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I'm 13.5 years old. My voice is about 5 tones deeper than it was when it was my 13th birthday about 6 months ago and my voice hasen't gotten any deeper since around October of last year and it still breaks. On the calculater I selected my voice is distinctly deeper though it still breaks at odd times and my legs are large for my sized body, and I also selected that my pubic hair is growing along my entire groin that is thick and curly, my face has very fine hairs, my under arms have hair but it is not thick, my chin is the same as in childhood, when I get an erection my penis some times drips out clear fluid but I did not have a wet dream and I got 3.8. Is my voice ever going to get any deeper?


How deep your voice becomes depends on how long your vocal chords grow, which is controled by genetics. How deep your voice will become is something I can't predict.