The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I look like a boy in stage 2. I have a dificult question about semen. I ejaculate a clear liquid, but isn't it supposed to be white?

I found your page because I asked my dad about some other boys. He says I am normal. I hope so.



What you are seeing is called pre-ejaculate fluid or pre-cum in slang. It is fluid produced by your Cowper's glands and its purpose is to flush the tube in your penis and lubricate it in preparation for ejaculation. Since it is an independent system from the seminal vesicles that produce your semen, it isn't unusual for it start working before (or after in some boys) the seminal vesicles start working. It sounds like the muscles for ejaculation are also developed, but you aren't producing semen yet.

Boys will start producing semen in either stage 2 or stage 4 of development (it is about 50/50). So you will likely start producing semen soon or in a couple of years. You'll just have to be patient.