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i am aged 23. I have a problem of either a hydrocele or varicocele, I don't know exactly. I have a hard stone like material in my scrotum. I have observed this 4 years back only, and thought it was not a problem, but later came to know that it is either a hydrocele or varicocele. I do have a pain in my lower abdomen. I have been masturbing for 6-7 years and stopped it 2 months back due to this problem. I have nightfall (wet dreams) regularly.

Is this problem due to masturbation? Please advise me and help me.


Both a hydrocele and a varicocele are due to fluid backing up in the scrotum, usually due to a faulty valve. Neither feel hard like a stone. Most are described as feeling like a bag of worms. More likely is that you have a cyst of some sort. Since you also have pain, you need to see a doctor about it.

Masturbation does not cause any of these problems.