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Hello, I am a 14 year old boy. When I slide my foreskin, it is uncomfortable. It is sticky and when I pull it back it rolls into itself. It is very uncomfortable to masturbate and when I use lube it dries out fast and then it becomes uncomfortable again.


I suspect that you are not cleaning under your foreskin properly. When you bathe, you should be unsheathing your penis and then gently washing the exposed skin. Then thoroughly rinse your penis before sliding your foreskin back into its normal position.

If the lubrication is drying out, then you are probably using the wrong type of lubricant. Soaps or shampoos would make very poor lubricants since they remove the oils from your skin.

Okay so I washed my penis every day and it has not changed. I put anti-fungal cream on it, but it doesn't really help. It is sticky even after I shower, and it isn't phimosis because i can pull it all the way down. The foreskin is sliding like a plaster and is sticking to the glans. What could it be?

You eliminated the possibility of smegma collecting under the foreskin. The second possibility would have been a yeast infection, but you indicate that the anti-fungal cream wasn't helping, though there is still a possibility that you need a different or strong medication if it is a yeast infection.

The third possibility is that area under the foreskin is staying too moist. It is supposed to be somewhat moist, but too much moisture can cause this type of problem. Make sure you unsheathe everything time you urinate. Also, dry under the foreskin after bathing. When you masturbate, make sure you clean up and dry under the foreskin. Remember that your penis can drip pre-ejaculate fluid and semen for a while after you are finished ejaculating and that needs to be cleaned up. If you can leave your penis unsheathed, say at night when you go to sleep, it might also help keep the moisture levels down.

If this doesn't work, then I would suggest seeing a urologist for his opinion and perhaps a different anti-fungal cream to use.