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i am 14. I have masturbuted daily for the last four years. My penis head is very sensitive and there is pain when I touch under the foreskin. When i have erection my foreskin does not go back all the way, only 3/4 of the way. How can my foreskin become streched? What do I do for this? 


The head of your penis is called the glans. Has your glans always been sensitive and painful, or is this something that recently developed? Is there any redness or other signs of an infection? Have you rubbed an area of your penis raw?

When you have an erection, the penis gets stretched out. When the erection goes away, the penis deflates, but it does not immediately return to its original size. It remains a bit bigger for a while.

Some guys have a long foreskin. When they are flaccid, it sticks out beyond the glans. After an erection, there is plenty of extra foreskin to cover the glans. Other guys have a short foreskin. When they are flaccid, it barely covers the glans. After an erection, the glans sticks out. Neither are right or wrong. There is no problem, just a difference in the characteristics of the body.

Yes, where the head is big on the corners there is some redness.

Let's assume that you have an infection for right now. Get some antibiotic ointment and put some on the red areas twice a day for three days to see if that clears up the redness. If it does, then continue using it until the redness is completely gone for several days.