The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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As my penis and testicles grow, I have found it very comfortable to regularly wear jock straps while I walk, run, or bike; sometimes even when I sleep because they are cooler. I have collected a good amount of them, especially as I continue to grow. However, I have never seen my father or any other male wearing a jock strap and this has caused me to wonder whether or not my use of them is normal for men. Are jock straps a normal thing for men to wear when active? Furthermore, I often become erect when I first pull on jock straps. Is this also normal? It has caused me to wonder whether or not my interest in them is really practical, or if it is sexualized; which I want to avoid. I enjoy the process of selecting, buying, and trying new ones (within reasonable quantity) which also has me worried. Finally, is there a limit to how often or how long I should keep a jock strap on?


Most men find jock straps uncomfortable, which is why you find so few wearing them. But some guys do need the extra support, especially if they are dealing with varicoceles or hydroceles. These days compression shorts are more popular when support is needed, especially in sports.

Whether you have sexualized wearing them is something I can't answer. It does sound as if you are over emphasizing what should be a utility part of your clothing.

Undergarments should not be worn for more than a day because of the possibility of fungus developing in warm, moist areas of the body. If possible, I urge young men to wear something completely different at night than what they wear during the day just to break the cycle and allow the body to dry out.