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I am 20 years old. I am uncircumcised and my foreskin can go back.

The problem is the back of my penis and my foreskin are kind of attached, so my foreskin does not go all the way back. When erect, my penis has the foreskin around it due to that attachment. I am a virgin and have avoided to have sex because I'm afraid the thrust might just tear that attachment. It's very frustrating to avoid the opportunities.

After much research on Internet, I came to understand that I have a tight frenulum. Frenulum breve is what I have. Any suggestions?

Kindly help me in the matter.


Sex outside of marriage is a sin anyway. See: Why Sex Outside of Marriage is Wrong.

Frenulum breve means the connection of the foreskin to the penis is short. When you have an erection, the head of the penis is pulled down by the frenulum. How much it is pulled down depends on the shortness of frenulum. The typical result is for the glans to pull the foreskin back up, covering the glans. During sex, this tug-of-war between the glans and the frenulum can cause the frenulum to tear. It can also lead to painful erections or pain during sex because the frenulum is very sensitive.

The solution is a simple surgical procedure called frenuloplasty. You will need to see an urologist about having the surgery done.

Thank you. And I'll try my best to not give into my desires and avoid premaritial sex.