The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I just turned seventeen and I have a few problems. I hit my growth spurt already. I'm six two, and my penis has grown to almost 7 inches, but I have very little arm and facial hair. My legs have grown hair, but my arms and face really haven't. I still have to shave my face occasionally, but not often. Also, I can't produce semen. I experience orgasm, but almost nothing comes out.

Any help is appreciated


The ability to ejaculate semen comes when the seminal vesicles mature enough to produce semen. For about half of all boys this comes during stage 2 of development (prior to the growth spurt), but for the rest the ability to produce semen may not come until in stage 4. I'm guessing that you are near the end of stage 3 or near the beginning of stage 4. You'll just have to be patient and wait for your body to mature.