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My testicles have always hung down really far when I'm hot, ever since puberty, however they seem to be getting lower and lower, which doesn't seem possible. When fully descended they can almost touch my inner thigh, and if I pull on the scrotum they can definitely touch my inner thigh. The only problem I have with this is when I exercise, I sometimes feel pain in the scrotum even though I wear briefs. Is this normal for them to seem to be gradually descending and can the testicles (scrotum) descend too low? I'm fixing to transition from briefs to boxer briefs, but I'm concerned about testicular support with wearing boxer briefs when exercising. Should I buy a jock strap for when I exercise?


How low a man's testicles hang is due to the length of the spermatic cord the testicles hang on. Like other parts of the body, some men have longer cords than other men. In general, being low hung is not a problem. Pain in the scrotum is more likely due to other problems, such as varicoceles, so if you are having pain, you should have it checked by an urologist.

You are correct that problems like varicoceles can be eased by better support of the scrotum while exercising. A jock strap or compression shorts when you exercise may ease the discomfort. Look into underwear that includes a support pouch as another possibility.

The pain isn't always a constant pain but does occur probably three times a month. Is there a way I can check to see if I have varicocele? What exactly is it, and can that make me infertile?

Varicocele is when the veins in the scrotum enlarge. It is equivalent to the varicose veins old people get in their legs, but in the case of varicoceles, it can happen to young men.

Your veins have small valves to make sure the blood flows in one direction, regardless of the position your body is in at the moment. Varicocele means the valves in the veins in the scrotum have failed allowing blood to pool in the veins, stretching them. It can also be caused by the vein being pinched in a nearby region, which again causes the blood to back up.

A varicocele is determined by a doctor by having an ultrasound examine of your scrotum. Usually a varicocele will not affect your fertility. Severe ones could by keeping the testicles too warm or prevent sufficient blood from reaching the testicles, but that is not likely as those are very painful.