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I'm circumcised. My penis has a curvature to the left when erect and only subtle curve when it's flaccid. But occasionally when my penis becomes erect, it's like something is pinching the middle of the shaft to where the base becomes erect before the upper shaft. Although it only happened once, after a vigorous run, what I described happened; yet, I couldn't attain a full erection no matter how much physical stimulus I tried. Later that day I did attain an erection that actually lasted pretty long, and because it hasn't happened since I haven't been too worried about it. Is there anything seriously  wrong you think?


How bad of a left curve do you have when you are erect? If it is greater than 20 degrees, that could indicate that you have some scar tissue in one of the chambers of the penis. That same scar tissue could be impacting blood flow and account for the pain. There is also a possibility that you had a small blood clot that cleared itself.

Minor bends are not a problem, but large ones will interfere with sex when you get married.

The pain and difficulty getting an erection is an indication of a problem, but since it is no longer there, it would be impossible for a doctor to diagnose. However, if it happens again, I would strongly suggest mentioning it to your doctor, even if it goes away on its own again.

As far as the severity of my penile curve, I don't think it's past 20 degrees, but I'm not certain. When looking at it, it doesn't seem over 20, but when I look at myself in the mirror it definitely looks like it's over 20. Is there a certain way I can make sure it's not over 20? And if it is over 20 how can I fix it? I'm not too worried about right now since the curve doesn't seem to be bothering me, unless it's the cause of pain and non-attainable erection I mentioned.

If you have a protractor, that half-circle with degrees on it, then put the flat side against your groin, just above the penis. With an erection, position the base of the penis so it is going straight out toward the 90 degree mark. The bend in your penis while deflect it to one side or the other. If the deflection is more than 20 degrees from 90 degrees, then you may need to have a urologist look at it.